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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Poetry Contest

Here is the winning entry in our 6th annual poetry contest.

Mary Barnard

An Auschwitz thin child, skin a redhead’s pale
most arms shoved against mine a healthy brown
next to weak-tea freckles and see-through hair.

My skin burned through lotion when anyone
remembered to put it on.  After the redness, blisters,
fire, my skin back to pale, milkier than ever.

Geesch,, get some sun strangers called out,
then laughed about how white my legs, so
I took to long skirts, long pants, knee socks or tights.

The six months of Wisconsin winter neutralized
the spectrum of skin shades, the low sun stripped
of potent Coppertone tan don’t burn rays.

I learned to love winter, when most of me
covered by bundles of clothing.  My cheeks,
just like everyone else’s, reddened by  cold.

Waking up to first snowfall, the rush
to the closet, a jumble of hooded snowsuits,
buckled boots, hats, mittens on a string.

The fingers got cold first, no matter how dense
the wool, then the toes, buried under layers
of sock, shoe, rubber boot with furry cuff.

That first step into virgin snow, falling into it,
licking it, rolling it into tight balls to stack
behind the wall of a mighty snow fort.

We took turns on sled, toboggan, flying saucer,
the big ones helping little ones with the ropes
to get us all back up the hill to go down all over again.

Even snowball fights, generally harmless,
slinging white spheres, that lucky
smatter on a cushioned back,

the tromped down whiteness
that made every yard a playground. 
The nuns told us in heaven we could have

whatever we want and I prayed, good I want
a tan.  But I want something else now, snowfall,
the kind that makes for equal footing.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Writerrs' Morning Out

Pittsboro Writers’ Morning Out will meet Saturday, November 8, 2014, 1:00 PM at Pittsboro Roadhouse. 

All writers, any genre are invited.

North Carolina Writers' Network Fall Conference.
November 21-23 at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel.

Great writing workshops led by a professional faculty who will challenge you to be the best writer you can.

Workshops include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, marketing, critiques  and publicity.

You do not have to be a NCWN member to attend. See the NCWN website at  for details.

Are you looking for free contests to enter?  Try this site:
to see lots of opportunities.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pittsboro WMO

Pittsboro Writers' Morning Out meets Saturday, October 11, 1:00 PM at Pittsboro Road House.

All writers are invited.

Poetry Contest

Sixth  Annual Writers’ Morning Out Poetry Contest
Rules: This contest is open to any NCWN member residing in Chatham or Lee counties, and to any member of Pittsboro Writers’ Morning Out.

Any style, any genre on the theme “Winter”

Length not to exceed 40 lines, single-spaced, in 12 point type. Submit as an email attachment (.doc  .docx  .rtf ) Include name and contact information in the message.  Name must not appear on the poem.

 The winning entry will be published on our blog, and read at our December  meeting.

This will be blind judging. The judges are all members of Writers’ Morning Out, and are noted for their integrity, their scholarship and their appreciation of the nuances of modern poetry.  Besides that, they are very difficult to bribe.

Deadline:  Thursday, November 15.  Submit to Al Manning (The Resident Curmudgeon) at

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Open Mic

Friday, September 26, the Chatham Community Library's annual Fall Open Mic Night 6-9 PM in the Mary Hayes Holmes meeting room at CCCC Pittsboro campus.

Refreshments will be served

. Writers who wish to read must sign in on arrival. A timed limit of 6 minutes per reader will be enforced.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writers' Morning Out

Pittsboro Writers’ Morning Out will meet Saturday, Sep. 13 , 2014, 1:00 PM at Pittsboro Roadhouse. 

Program: What is your all-time favorite novel (the one you would re-read)?
Why?  Bring a one minute presentation to justify your choice.

All writers, any genre are invited.

Tim Tron is organizing an Author Costume Signing for the Barnes & Nobel at the Brier Creek Shopping center on Oct. 25th at 4:00 PM.

Wanted are authors who, in costume  as a character from one of their books, can read from their work or act out in character relative to the theme of their book. The length allowed for each performance will depend on the turnout. 
Interested authors can contact Tim at   or Jackie Loerge at the B&N in Brier Creek.

Are you looking for free contests to enter?  Try this site:
to see lots of opportunities.

For more information about writing in North Carolina,   go to

See our blog: for times and places for readings and book signings in our area.

See the North Carolina Writers’ Network website for information about contests and submission opportunities:

Also check Facebook for Chatham Writers. That’s at:

Writers’ Morning Out is sponsored by the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Literary Accomplishments

Our region (Chatham & Lee Counties) is blessed with many talented writers.  The following lists some of their accomplishments so for this year. These are the ones I am aware of; there are probably many more.

Congratulations and Hats Off To:

Marianna Crane: Short story "Hello Beautiful" published in Eno River Literary Journal.

Julie Davis: Novel "Down East Girl" by MuseItUpPublishing

Chuck Daukas: Novel "A Little Night Fishing" by Damnation Books.

Ralph Earle: Poem "The Mill Dam at Bynum" in Tar River Poetry.

Toni Goodyear: Short stories "Melting Pot" in Kings River Life; and "Heart Surgery" in Carolina Crimes.

Tara Lynne Groth: Short story "Tuna Heart"  in Mused Literary Review.

Linda Johnson: Short story  "Happy Pills" in Carolina Crimes.

Ruth Moose: Short story "Mama's Boy" in Carolina Crimes.

Karen Pullen: Short story "The Fourth Girl" in Carolina Crimes
Linda Hardister Rodriguez: Novel "Up From the River" by Lystra Books.

Judith Stanton: Short story "Big Girls Now" in Carolina Crimes.

Keep up the good writing!